The reason for choosing Italian vegetable tanned leather hides for shoes

Pubblicato 01/01/2017 22:09:46
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What is vegetable tanning?

Vegetable tanning is, most probably, the oldest type of tanning in the world, used since ancient times by many ancient people. Such primacy is due for sure to the fact that this tanning can be done with quite common vegetable products and, therefore, that can easily be found in nature. In fact, the only materials needed in order to make vegetable tanning are tannins extracted by trees and plants. The tannins used could be different and depend from the local vegetation available. According to the time used to obtain the final result, vegetable tanning can be of three types: slowly immersed in a pit, quickly immersed in a pit and quickly immersed in a barrel.

italian vegetable tanned leather hidesThe advantages of suede leather vegetal tanned

Suede leather is made with the lower layer of the animal’s hides, that, after a superficial grinding process, gets a very soft and velvet look. The advantages of italian vegetable tanned leather hides are several. Firstly we are talking about a type of tanning that, differently from the chemical ones, has a minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, since noxious substances like chrome have been used, whoever will use hides treated this way will be less subject to allergies. The skin, furthermore, becomes very breathable and, thus, won’t give out bad smells.

Applications and uses

Suede leather treated this way with this type of tanning is used exclusively for producing shoes, because it is used just for the production of leather soles. It is therefore abundantly used for the production of allergy free shoes, goods completely craftwork made and most of all ecological. Suede leather has a considerable aesthetic impact and is used for high quality and valuable footwear. An excellent idea for pampering our own feet.

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