Vacchetta Veg Tan Leather Hides

Published : 08/05/2016 15:41:50
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Vacchetta Traditional Veg Tan Leather Hides: features and leather works

"Vacchetta" Veg Tan leather hides are a kind of leather that was worked using the "vegetable tanning" techniques, an ancient tradition that gives unique characteristics to the material. The cow leather is an adaptable product both for its characteristics and the possible use: the thickness of this material varies from a minimum of 0.9 to a maximum of 8 mm; broader size range allows you to apply the cowhide leather for a variety of final goals. The most characterizing features of veg tan skins are especially smell and color: the smell is less intense than that of other leathers but recognizable; the color has the peculiarity to darken in the course of time.

cowhide leather hides

Italian Traditional Veg Tan Leather: main applications in leather goods production

This type of leather is used to develop the most different objects, from small leather articles to other accessories of larger dimensions. As for the small leather goods, items that are generally made of cowhide leather are leather bracelets, key rings, document holders and wallets - objects that are carried in the bag and that should guarantee durability. Vegetable tanning, in addition, does not imply the toxic substances application and, therefore, reduces the risk of allergies related to the daily use of a particular object.

Other possible uses

Precisely because of its unique characteristics, the cowhide leather is used in many other sectors, starting with the construction of uppers for shoes and bags. This material is made from cow skin; in fact, it is useful for different final results: working with tannins, in particular, allows warm colors to change in the course of time, perfect for embellishing accessories such as shoes and bags.

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