Vachetta Leather: What is And How is Made?

Published : 12/23/2019 13:44:34
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Vachetta Leather: Characteristics

"Vachetta" or "Vacchetta" Leather is a material obtained with the "vegetable tanning" technique. This type of tanning is an ancient process now become a tradition thanks to which it is possible to obtain a unique material with inimitable characteristics.

The vacchetta is a very versatile product, both for its characteristics and for the multiple uses that can be made of it.
The characteristics that distinguish this material from others are:

  • thickness: varies from a minimum of 0.9 to a maximum of 6 mm;
  • the availability of various sizes means that this material can be chosen for different types of creations, the vacchetta can in fact be made on calves, shoulders, bellies and butts;
  • the smell: it is less intense than that of other oiled skins and more delicate, in any case always well recognizable;
  • the color: it is a beige, which has the peculiarity of darkening with the passage of time. It can be found in different shades and there are also drum-dyed vacchetta leathers (for example black, red or brown).

Vachetta Leather

Vacchetta Leather: How is it made?

Vacchetta is a vegetable tanned and oiled leather.
Vegetable tanning is characterized by the use of tannins: tanning agents that characterize vegetable tanning; they are obtained in nature mainly from the flowers and bark of trees and their use is one of the foundations of vegetable tanning, as it offers characteristics of uniqueness making the skin immediately distinguishable.

Vachetta takes on its famous characteristics during the re-tanning phase, in which fattening oil is added to the leather. The fat can be of two types:

  • Mineral: from which the sulphonated leather derives;
  • Animal: tallow or other animal fats, from which the so-called greased or oiled leather derives.

The leather produced with mineral fatliquor is usually whiter, stiffer, dry, and generally has a lower cost than the greased one.

The skin to which animal fat has been applied, if made from tallow, is the more traditional one, which identifies the Classic Tuscan Cowhide Vachetta, that is darker and with more character.
Depending on the added fattening percentages, various combinations of materials are obtained with different characteristics of color, tempering, reaction to rubbing and water reresistance.

Vachetta Leather: Applications

Vachetta leather is a product that is used to make different types of products: from small leather goods to large accessories.
The items that are usually made in the field of small leather goods: leather bracelets, sandals, key rings, document holders and wallets.
All these accessories are objects that never fail inside our bags and thanks to the cowhide leather, they are able to guarantee a safe and lasting resistance.
Vegetable-tanned vacchetta is also widely used to produce bag's shoulder straps, briefcases, document holders, bags or totes of all kinds. Finally, being a 100% vegetable tanned product, therefore without the presence of toxic substances, vacchetta leather reduces the risk of allergies related to the daily use of a certain object.

vachetta leather applications

Where to buy Vachetta Leather?

As said at the beginning of the article, vachetta leather is a very versatile material, and the price can be very expensive. This material is therefore used, as well as in small leather goods, also in many other sectors such as for example the creation of uppers for handmade shoes and as leather for tooling or engravings. The processing of this leather, made with tannins, allows to obtain beautiful and unique colors with warm tones, which vary over time especially when the leather is subsequently finished or hand-dyed with particular substances such as waxes, anilines, dyes, fatliquors or pigments.

On buyleatheronline website you will find vacchetta leather for sale available on shoulders, calves and bellies with the best price range you can find online because you will be buying directly from the producer.

Where to buy Vachetta leather

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