What Is The Difference Between Nubuck Leather Hides And Suede Leather?

Published : 10/26/2016 14:05:15
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Nubuck leather hides and suede leather: main features

Nubuck and suede leather are materials that are obtained from cow, lamb, deer and other animals skins. These two types of leather look quite the same to the sight and touch; the main differences come from the type of processing with which they are obtained. In order to characterize Nubuck and suede leather are characterised by their peculiar treatment and by their price; suede leather, in particular, is basically cheaper than nubuck. Concerning the production stage of the leather, it is necessary to state at first that nubuck and suede leather are both obtained through a brushing and sanding process of leather. The difference consists in the fact that nubuck leather hides are processed externally on the grain side, while suede leather is processed internally on the flesh side.

nubuck leather hides

How can we distinguish nubuck from suede leather

Nubuck and suede leather are two materials quite similar and it is difficult to distinguish one from the other just from their external appearance. The external part of nubuck, however, usually presents small imperfections and marks that suede leather never has; although being more resistant than the internal one, the external surface of nubuck can be recognized by these features. So, in order to distinguish nubuck from suede leather, it will be necessary to look very carefully at the external surface; to this purpose we need to remember that suede leather has a tendency to get more dirty over time.

How to treat and clean Nubuck and Suede leather

Nubuck, which is more expensive than suede leather, lasts longer. In both cases, however, it will be necessary to treat leather in order to preserve it in good conditions. Suede leather has to be cleaned with a hard brush, while nubuck leather needs a more delicate small brush that won’t damage its grain.

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