What Does It Mean Aniline Leather Hide?

Published : 10/07/2016 15:09:34
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Aniline leather hide is a type of leather which is proved to be highly rated because it is produced from the best selections of various types of raw leather. The leather finishing that is realized allows to leave the natural surface of the leather unchanged and the small defects that appear quite visible: all this can confer to this type of leather a high added value both from quality and commercial viewpoints, which makes it pretty costly. The surface of aniline leather is dyed with transparent colorants: the transparent effect which is achieved this way is very similar to what can be observed when looking at a coloured wooden object. In fact the colour does not completely cover the wood, but adds value to its nodes and natural grains and the same happens with leather, where the hair side of the skin is well visible and very natural looking. Moreover the aniline leather shows on its surface some imperfections which on one side constitute nature's signature and on the other the guarantee that any piece of leather is unique.

Aniline leather hide


Aniline leather has a natural look, being very soft and also breathable. Possible natural defects, though quite minute, are well visible on its surface. Such skins have a minimal surface finish and therefore they are more sensitive to the effects due to wear and tear. In fact, in order to preserve the natural beauty of aniline leather, it is necessary to constantly perform a clean up and protection activity of the skin, ever since its very first usage.

Applications of aniline leather hide

This type of skin is quite suitable to make bags and small leather goods like wallets, accessories or even shoes. Aniline leather is also used for the production of belts, saddles for riding horses or motorcycles, but also to create sofas, easy chairs, hassocks and other complements of furnish.

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