What kind of leather do I need? Leather Buying Guide

Published : 08/04/2015 11:27:46
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Often we wonder what type of leather we need for the project that we want to create. First of all you have to locate the use or destination of the leather and then get into one of the categories of our site.


Buyleatheronline.com offers various types of articles:

  • Finished leather stock
  • Leather Remnants
  • Regular production item
  • Synthetic rolls and lather


With a destination of goods that can be used to create articles such as Leather goods, Leather Handcrafts, (shoes, handbags, leather, sofa coverings, etc...).

The following images represent the main categories on our site which can be accessed by simply clicking on the image of the article that interests you.

Upholstery & Furniture Leather

Here you will find The best italian leather for Furnitures and Coverings. These Cow Hides are intended to cover chairs, tables, puffs, sofa, carpet, armchairs, furniture, automotive interiors but they are useable for every purpose as well. This kind of leather is ideal for your leather craft projects.

Leather for bags, craft, binding and leather goods in general

In this category you will find the most suitable leather for production of bags or purses, totes, suitcase, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small leather goods in general. This type of leather is characterized by personality and variety of finishes. Buy Online the leather for your bag, suitcase or wallet.

Leather for shoes and lining

In this category you will find the most suitable leather for shoes like decoltè or boots, elegant or sporty. This kind of leather is resistant to bending and to atmospheric agents, it can be rigid or semi-rigid, but also soft if used for the upper part of the boots.

The leather for shoes can be of two types:

  • Full grain leather, is the finest leathers that retain the characteristic of original grain, can be opaque, shiny, printed or embossed;
  • Split leather, obtained from the lower side of the skin, having the classic veluor or suede effect.

Leather for Garment

In this category you will find the best selection of Italian Leather for Garment. This type of leather, is characterized by high quality finishes and reduced thickness which ensure lightness and comfort, is suitable for creating gloves, jackets, blazers, coats and many other garment items. 

Leather for belt and saddlery

This kind of leather for belt, harness and saddlery is usually more rigid, thickened and square shaped so it can be cut without waste. Buy Online the leather for your next belt or saddle.

Vegetable tanned Leather

The top grain is clearly visible because the skin is left its natural state. Can be used in this way or further refined. This is 100% Italian vegetable tanned leather, without crome and other harmful substances.

Leather Remnants, scraps, pieces

Pieces, scraps, remnants of leather, on both small and big size, ideal for leather crafts projects. The colors are various and depends on the item. These remnants come from the best Italian Luxury upholstery factories, tanneries, shoes factories, handbags, sofa leather, fornitures, handcrafts and leathergoods.

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