Where to buy leather? The advantages of buying online

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Where to buy leather? The advantages of buying online

One of the main problems of those who have to make leather goods, belts, clothing or shoes, is to find a reliable and competitive leather supplier that is qualitatively in line with the expectations of the manufacturer and its customers. Satisfying all the "stakeholders" is not a simple process, also because each of the actors has different needs and objectives:

  • The leather supplier will tend to sell the worst quality at the highest possible price;
  • The producer / craftsman will want to receive the best quality at the lowest possible price;
  • Finally, the end-users will want their product to have an affordable price while maintaining a high quality standard.

It is therefore of fundamental importance to choose the right source from which to buy leather, leather and leathers. Let's examine the main type of places where to buy leather.

Buy leather from tanneries

The main place to buy leather is traditionally the tannery. Unfortunately this method of buying presents various limits and difficulties, both logistic / geographical and commercial. In Italy the tanneries are reunited, almost exclusively, in three industrial poles, Campania, Tuscany and Veneto, for those who do not live nearby, the journey, besides being long, is also expensive, not to mention those who live abroad. Moreover, based on the quantity that you want to buy, there are two opposite problems, if the quantity is low, the tannery will not follow the order as it usually requires a minimum order quantity, if instead it is conspicuous, not all the means are suitable for transporting it; the leather in fact, besides being bulky, weighs a lot.

Another problem is that almost all the tanneries are very specialized, they develop one or two types of leather, designed for specific jobs, normally, in the warehouse of a tannery, one does not find great variety or availability.

PROS: directly to the source.

CONS: minimum order, high prices, little versatility, variety and availability.

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Buy leather from traditional traders and wholesalers

Traditional leather wholesalers, with their warehouses overflowing with leathers, are certainly an option for those who want to buy small quantities of leather. Normally a finished leather merchant keeps a good variety in stock, which can include cow, sheep, and perhaps exotic skins, articles for footwear and leather goods, tanned in 99% of the cases in chrome and more rarely in vegetable. It is more difficult to find "hair on" hides, upholstery or belt and saddlery leathers. Unfortunately, even traders, like tanneries, are concentrated in the production centers, close to the tanneries for the convenience of going to choose and move materials, or close to the footwear or leather goods poles in the case of stock leather. In short, it is very difficult to disentangle between the various types and for those who do not live in places with tradition in leather processing, going to visit a merchant's warehouse can be very expensive in terms of time and costs, without considering the fact that to find the product you are looking for probably needs to visit more places that are often confusingly organized.

PROS: variety of leathers, low order minimums.

CONS: logistic / geographic difficulties, archaic sales method, complicated choice.

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Buy leather online

Answering the question "where to buy leather" is very easy, the answer is: online! This is because Buyleatheronline combines the advantages of tannery and leather wholesalers, overcoming logistic / geographical barriers and collecting all types of leather in one place.

With a few simple clicks you can request the possibility of buying chrome or vegetable tanned leather, specialist items such as leather for saddles and belts or upholstery leathers, "hair on" skins, garment leather etc. Our items are 100% Made in Italy, and come from our own production or from the best Italian tanneries that are a global point of reference for quality and innovation of production processes. Our leather hides catalog contains every type of leather and is constantly updated with new products available for immediate delivery.


  • The maximum possible variety of leathers: both chrome leather and vegetable tanned leather.
  • No minimum order.
  • All leathers are ready for delivery (stock service).
  • Prices from wholesale;
  • Worldwide shipping.

CONS: average size concept of the leather not always clear, more suitable for the sale of small quantities.

where to buy leather online