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Published : 12/13/2017 16:01:02
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Buy leather jackets online is very difficult as they often find themselves on the market at low price with a medium to low quality. On the other hand, if the latter has better quality is on the market at a high price. What we try to do is to satisfy the customer maintaining excellent relationship between quality and price, while providing the convenience of online purchase directly from home.

leather jackets buy online

How do we guarantee the quality of our outerwear?

The answer lies in the experience of the Florentine company that produces them. The company was founded in the years ' 80 founded by a professional skin, cutting, sewing and finishing expert vests. The first heads is fashionable in those days inspired which claimed long cloaks that covered the body and came to touch the ankles, while the top majestic and valuable furs were exhibited that they refined the hills and knobs. Since the 80 's the company, in addition to adapting to the needs of tendency, studying new models to be launched on the market: from these studies was born a process that today meets many consents, the braided. The company obtained a patent for this new type of work that involves a series of steps which results in a mix of leather on a particular or on the entire surface of the garment. This new technique was later picked up by big fashion houses. The production is consumed within the company and takes Florentine craftsmen in the production of short jacketsblazerscoats, biker (also made in reversible materials with suede and tassel) and jackets decorated with the technique of weaving, lace and laser. Our products are made in Italy and have the label of "Made in Italy".

Our strengths

  • Medium-high quality. Is not related to the price imposed by our company because it would have a higher value, but our intention is to satisfy the most of customer.

  • Cheap price. It is a very important element that seeks to meet the demands of our customers.

  • Tradition and historicity. The two nouns rely on the experience and professionalism of the company acquired over the years.

  • Artisan production. This type of production enhances the manual used in the creation of products.

  • Made in Italy. The brand embodies the tradition of product designed, created, manufactured and finished in the small country Italy which distinguishes itself from others by its history and culture.


leather jackets online sale

Why buy leather jackets online? The answer is: "Must Have!"

The leather jackets to date are indispensable as they can be worn for any situation: every day to go to work, to school, to an appointment, special occasions like parties and events. Become a very important part of clothing and have the property of versatilityTheir versatile nature emerges from the adaptation to every situation, but especially with the seasons: in the winter the short parkas are comfortable, warm and refined with fleece lining, adhere perfectly to the body and can be combined with winter coats. In the spring-summer are light, fresh, very light colors that recall the atmosphere of spring and can be combined with both jeans and shirts but also on long skirts and suits. The quality remains the same and the price does not change.

What products can you buy on Buyleatheronline.com?

We have partnered with Buyleatheronline for the online sale of leather jackets, because we want to join in an image the raw material to the finished product to enhance our credibility, seriousness and originaltà. On the site you can find at the moment rifniti nappa leather jackets with seams, zippers and accessories that vary depending on the model chosen. We put at your disposal are simple models but at the same time characterized in their detail that adhere perfectly to the beautiful forms of the female body.

You must have it, touch it and wear it.


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