Where to buy wholesale leather?

Published : 03/03/2020 09:49:34
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Leather Wholesale: Main Suppliers

Often we are faced with the following question: "Where can I get leather from?"

If we want to buy leather wholesale, basically, there are three possibilities to choose from:

  1. We can go directly to the tanneries that offer this service, even if this option is the least advantageous, since, within the tanneries' warehouses it will be possible to buy only the leather available at that time, therefore we will be faced with a smaller choice of leatherhigher prices and with a minimum order quantity.

  2. The second option for those who want to buy wholesale leather hides is the traditional channel of wholesale warehouses. At these dealers it is possible to find a greater variety compared to the tanneries and often the minimum orders are lower but this channel suffers from large limits and critical issues too. These are mainly linked to the areas of logistics, to the lead times of order fulfillment and to problems of organization nature that the market is no longer willing to accept.

  3. Finally, the third option is represented by the innovative online channel: Buyleatheronline is a company specialized in the wholesale of leather hides, fully finished or crust, which is aimed at all those who wish to purchase leather or that are looking for materials with the qualitative characteristics of "Made in Italy" at competitive prices, immediate availability and without a minimum order quantity.

Buyleatheronline uses a distribution channel of finished leather in line with the most updated "online" sales systems; our company operates in the Leather District, a very active industrial center located in the geographical center of Tuscany, which has in the epicenter the town of Santa Croce sull'Arno and which extends to the other small towns of San Miniato (in the hamlet of Ponte a Egola), Castelfranco di Sotto and Fucecchio, right on the border between the provinces of Pisa and Florence. In this small area of ​​Tuscany, most of the Italian tanneries are concentrated, of the oldest and best tradition, with the highest quality productions recognized all over the world.

Buyleatheronline is therefore configured as a "wholesale leather supplier" for many types of leather; we can in fact be included within the following definitions:

  • wholesale leather for shoes and footwear making: sandals, boots, slippers, etc.;
  • wholesale leather for belts and saddlery production;
  • wholesale leather for clothing and garment making;
  • wholesale leather for crafts and engravings;
  • wholesale leather for jewelry making: bracelets, earrings, etc.;
  • wholesale leather for bags, wallets and leather goods in general;
  • wholesale leather for furniture and upholstery: sofas, cars, furniture, walls, armchairs, etc.;
  • and many other various proposals

Our catalog of leather and hides for wholesale includes many items that cover any need. In fact, we have products at competitive prices suitable for both traders, distributors or wholesalers of leather, as well as for manufacturers and companies of leather products up to the more medium-large industrial production. Particular attention is paid to the various needs of artisan production and private individuals who want to buy even a single skin for a single product.

Buyleatheronline is also able to follow, with a great diversification of the proposed items, both customers looking for stock leathers and those focused on regular production and also those who are interested only in cutouts, pieces or remnants of leathers.

wholesaler leather

Wholesale Leather: Prices

Leather is materials which, in order to be exploited in the best possible way, require often long and complex processing and treatments. In general these leather materials are therefore very expensive products and their wholesale price varies according to various characteristics such as:

  • Quality, that is, the choice of leather;
  • Origin, that is where the raw skin comes from;
  • Tanning, depending on the type of tanning, the price can vary widely, for example vegetable tanning is more expensive than chrome tanning;
  • Processing and finishing, on the basis of these two parameters, more or less economic items can be obtained;
  • Country of production, workers and labor have very different costs (and also skills!) according to the country where the processing takes place;
  • Use (intended for the material), the field of use of the requested material has an impact on the final price: for example aircraft leather must be fire retardant.

How much does a meter of leather cost?

Within our Buyleatheronline website, as mentioned above, you can find many types of leathers and leathers suitable for any type of use: the materials are divided into categories that are distinguished by the type of use, the type of tanning or by the finishing.

The cost of a meter of leather can vary according to several factors, but usually it ranges from € 20 per square meter for the cheapest kinds up to € 140 per square meter for the most expensive ones, except for special, exotic or personalized products. It is important to keep in mind that there are other units of measurement of the surface of a leather, in addition to the square meter, the most used are square feet and square yards.

1 square meter = corresponds to approximately 1.20 square yards or 11 square feet

Where can I get leather from?

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