Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment we accept?

You can pay with one of the following ways:

  • Bank Wire
  • Cash on Delivery (only for Italian customers)
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

How do I know how big will be the skin I buy?

We have tried to overcome this problem by introducing the concept of "average size of the skin" thanks to which the customer while ordering, is able to know what will be the size that he will receive. As written in the description of each item, the price refers to an average size with a tolerance of 20%. It is also possible to view on the product page, the shape and average dimensions (length and width) of each item.

Which are delivery times?

The times are variable and depend on the destination, the periods of the year, the courier selected and the form of payment chosen. In the event that customization is required, such as thickness reduction, an additional working day will be required for preparation. Generally the goods arrive at their destination within 3-7 days following the confirmation of payment.

Can I request samples? How much does it cost?

Yes. Just sent us an email to with these information:

  • Your full shipping address and name of receiver
  • Telephone number for the courier
  • Reference numbers of the products you would like to receive as samples.

Than you can choose:

  • Ordinary Delivery, slow (up to 2-3 weeks to get to you), not tracked, up to three samples, free of charge.
    N.B. Ordinary delivery, being an untracked service, can sometime get lost. If after several week you still have not received any sample from us, please ask again for them by email.
  • Express Courier, 3-4 days lead time, cost 12€, up to 10 samples, to be paid via PayPal to this email address: or following the instructions in this link (Please confirm by email once payment is done).
  • You can also include the samples inside an order placed on our website up to 3 pieces (put this request in order notes).

Do you ship worldwide? How much is the cost of shipment?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Price of shipment depends on weight of goods so to know exactly you have to register to the website, compose your cart and insert your delivery address. Then the shipping costs will be automatically calculated by the system depending on your order.

Do you offer a custom splitting service?

For quite all our item we can reduce thickness down to 0,8mm (2 oz.). It is not suggested to go under this thickness because we use professional big splitting machines that are not suitable for thickness reducing under this thickness unlike those used in the leather goods production. Leather goods factories, in fact, have smaller splitting machines that can reduce thicknesses down to 0,5mm when assembling bags, panels, wallets etc..

  • We can lower the thickness of all items usually down to 0,8mm (2 oz.), not lower, to avoid damaging them or losing their characteristics.
  • Remnants, scraps, pieces, lower grades items are not eligible for this service.
  • In alternative, many products that are already thin (<1mm) like baby calf, sheep and lambs, can be found for sale on our catalog
  • For more details please contact the customer service

What is the country of origin of the leather?

All our leathers are of Italian origin, in some cases European origin.

How to access wholesaler prices?

You can have access to wholesaler prices when ordering certain quantities for each item (usually more than 200-300 square feet or 20-30 square meters for each product) or in case of custom productions (minimum order may vary according to the type of product).

You can request wholesaler prices by email, and we will send you a quotation by kg (in the case of scraps), or in square feet or square meters.

How is the leather packaged?

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the leathers, the leathers are rolled into a cylinder and sealed with waterproof material. Sometimes a cardboard tube is added as needed to avoid center folds. If the skin could get wrinkled or with some just iron with an iron and a cloth to protect the surface of the leather.

Is it possible to visit your showroom?

Of course, just call us at (+39) 0571 499345 or send us an email at to book an appointment.

Is your packaging eco-sustainable?

Yes, the packaging we use to ship the leather is made only of recycled materials without PVC and for this reason it is eco-sustainable.