How to buy leather in bulk: wholesaler pricing

On BuyLeatherOnline the more you order, the more you save! It is in fact possible to request wholesale prices for leather hides for your business. Read on to find out how to access wholesale leather prices.

Leather Wholesale: How to Buy Bulk Leather

Leather wholesale: immediate discount for bulk quantities

  • Wholesaler prices apply when ordering bigger quantities, usually more than 20-30m2 (200-300sf) ordered for each single product or for custom productions.
  • When ordering wholesaler you will get quotation by kg, by square feet or by square meter, and the Minimum Order Quantity may vary according to the kind of product.
  • In addition, in our wholesalers warehouse, we have many other items not listed on the website (more than 20.000 different kinds of leather with new arrivals every week) both on regular production and dead-stock line.
  • Finally we can make custom productions for quite every kind of leather on request, with specific colors and/or characteristics. All the leathers we make, thanks to our know-how and partnerships with the most renowned Tuscan tanneries, boast the best characteristics of "Made in Italy".

Every quotation and order is made via email, so we suggest you to send us a message with these information:

  • Features of the leather material you are looking for: thickness, tanning, colors etc..
  • Quantities you need
  • Or simply a list of the items of website you would like to buy at wholesaler prices.