Request a Free Sample of Leather on BuyLeatherOnline

BuyLeatherOnline offers a free sample shipping service to its customers.


To receive the samples just send us an email to with these information:

  • Your Full Shipping Address
  • Your Telephone number for the courier
  • Reference Numbers (SKU) and Names of the products you would like to receive as samples



Than you can choose:

  • Free Ordinary Delivery, slow (up to 2-3 weeks to get to you), not tracked, max 3 samples, free of charge.
    N.B. Ordinary delivery, being a not tracked service, can sometime get lost. If after several week you still have not received any sample from us, please ask again for them by email.




Please Note

- Not all products are eligible for sample request, mixed products and remnants of leather are excluded.

- You can also request samples within an order up to a maximum of three.