Crocodile Embossed Calfskin Leather hides View larger
Crocodile Embossed Calfskin Leather hides

Crocodile Embossed Calfskin

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Big Size Crocodile Embossed Calfskin. Premium Top Quality Embossed Leather, perfect for bags, shoes, binding, harness, saddlery, covers, upholstery, belts, luggage, pursues. The price refers to one skin of which is indicated the average size.

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50,00 €

50,00 € per 1 pcs

  • Whole Piece
  • Half Piece
  • 2,2 m² - 25 sq. ft. - 2,6 yd²

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Payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank wire
Payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank wire

Data sheet

TanningChrome Tanning
Type of LeatherBovine Leather Full Grain
Leather PartWhole Calfskin
Thickness RangeNormal (1 ~ 2 mm)
Exact Thickness1,2 mm - (3 oz.)
Type of Finishing (Primary)Embossed
Finishing DescriptionEmbossed. This kind of finishing usually imitates the skin of various reptiles (snakes, lizards, crocodiles, ostriches etc..), or re-creates fancy designs.
Primary UseLeather Goods, Bags, Binding, Wallets. This leather is suitable for producing leather bags or purses, totes, luggage, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small leather goods in general.
Secondary UseShoes and Footwear. This leather is suitable for shoes and footwear of all kinds, from decoltè to boots, elegant or sporty. The leather for shoes are resistant to bending and weathering.
Other UsesBelts and Saddlery. This leather is usually characterized by a square shape and an high thickness and is suitable for the production of belts, harness and saddles for motorbikes, horse riding, bicycles etc..
Size RangeLarge (more than 1,6m² | 18ft² | 2yd²)
Average size of the whole piece2,2 m² - 25 sq. ft. - 2,6 yd²
Overall quality of leatherExcellent - 1° First Grade selection
Possibility to request samplesYes, you can request samples simply by sending a message with the reference number of the product.

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Big Size Crocodile Embossed CalfskinPremium Top Quality Embossed Leather, perfect for bagsshoes, binding, harness, saddlery, covers, upholsterybelts, luggage, pursues. The price refers to one skin of which is indicated the average size.

Crocodile (Cocco) Embossed Calf Skin

Embossed LeatherCrocodile (Cocco) Embossed Calf Skin require a special process to be obtained. The leather is initially tanned in drums with chrome substances then is covered with pigments and finally is printed and embossed with a crocodile design. This kind of embossing imitates the skins of exotic animal such as alligator and crocodiles, but compared to the genuine leather, this calf skin has a cheaper price and a beautiful surface comparable to the quality of the real ones. 

Thanks to these features, crocodile embossed calf skins are very well suitable to production of shoes and other leather goods in general such as bags, wallets, key-chain and so on. Sometimes they can also be used to achieve belts or objects that require very long lengths, although thickness can not be compared to other types of thicker leather (single or double butt, front shoulders ). This leather, like all our products , is carefully selected (first choice) and comes only from the best Italian leather suppliers.

Primary use

  • Shoes
crocodile embossing
  • Belts
cocco belts
  • Bags and other leather goods
cocco embossed leather bags

Full Size

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Half Size

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