Vegetable Tanned Oiled Front Shoulder

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Vegetable Tanned Oiled (with sego) Front Shoulder. Regular Production for leather goods, bags, binding, shoes. The price refers to one skin of which is indicated the average size. 

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58,00 €

58,00 € per 1 pcs

  • 1,6 m² - 18 sq. ft. - 1,9 yd²

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Payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank wire

Data sheet

TanningVegetable Tanning
Type of LeatherBovine Leather Full Grain
Leather PartFront Shoulder
Thickness RangeThick (2 ~ 5 mm)
Exact Thickness2,2 mm - (5-6 oz.)
Type of Finishing (Primary)Natural Vegetable
Finishing DescriptionNatural Vegetable. This finishing, also known as "Crust", is characterized by a natural full grain surface that is clearly visible because the skin is left in its natural state without any kind finishing. It can be used in this state or further refined.
Primary UseLeather Goods, Bags, Binding, Wallets. This leather is suitable for producing leather bags or purses, totes, luggage, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small leather goods in general.
Secondary UseShoes and Footwear. This leather is suitable for shoes and footwear of all kinds, from decoltè to boots, elegant or sporty. The leather for shoes are resistant to bending and weathering.
Other UsesBelts and Saddlery. This leather is usually characterized by a square shape and an high thickness and is suitable for the production of belts, harness and saddles for motorbikes, horse riding, bicycles etc..
Other Uses (2)Furniture, Upholstery and Coverings. This kind of leather is intended to cover chairs, tables, puffs, sofa leather, carpet, armchairs, furniture, automotive interiors but it's also usable for every purpose.
Size RangeLarge (more than 1,6m² | 18ft² | 2yd²)
Minimum size of the skin1,4 m² - 15,5 sq. ft. - 1,7 yd²
Average dimension of a skin1,6 m² - 17,8 sq. ft. - 1,9 yd²
Overall quality of leatherGood - 2° Grade
Possibility to request samplesYes, you can request samples simply by sending a message with the reference number of the product.

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The price refers to one skin of which is indicated the average size. 

Characteristics of natural vegetable skin tanned with Sego

The vegetable tanned leather with “Sego” (animal oil) has peculiarities that distinguish it from tanned leather to natural plant. The tanning process is the same, the difference lies in the fact that animal fat is added at some point of the process. This causes the leather to assume certain characteristics:

  • Greater wear-resistant.
  • Darker color tending to the cognac.
  • If rubbed, this leather usually becomes more shiny and beautiful, this fact is linked with the best wear resistance: the usage and time instead of worsening the skin pulls the best out of it.
  • The cost of tanning of the Sego leather greatly affects the price, which is why this skins are considered more valuable for the particular workmanship they have undergone.

Vegetable Leather: Front Shoulder Oiled (with sego)

vegetable leatherFront shoulder is the upper half of a whole skin (as you can see in the image below). Because of vegetable tanning, this leather looks very natural and its top grain is completely uncovered (without any covering layer). Furthermore, the skin thickness of a vegetable leather is usually greater than other types of tanning, making it perfect for producing goods that require a good tensile strength.
Front shoulder, due to their thickness and their shape, are well suited to production of handbags, leather goods and shoes, and saddlery. On the other side, this leather is less suitable for creation of belts since its non-square shape would result in wasting a part of the leather. This skin is treated with vegetable fats (animal oil), which makes it softer, it gives it a darker color (tending to cognac) and protects it from water ( fat is a hydrophobic substance).

Primary uses 

  • Bags and Suitcase
vegetable leather
  • Wallets and other leather goods
vegetable leather
  • Tooling Leather

  • 3 reviews
  • Product Reviews
    • Number of Reviews : 3
    • Average Grade : 4.3 /5
    • Zichun H.
    •  the 22/02/2018
    • 3/5
    Quite a lot vein marks I would suggest seller to have this listed on the item description. Very sturdy leather if lesser vein marks/fast delivery/good communication
    • Sanne H.
    •  the 21/02/2018
    • 5/5
    Really good quality
    • Mans F.
    •  the 23/11/2017
    • 5/5
    The leather obtained, one piece of each, was nothing but a bargain! Perfect in all aspects

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