Premium Fashion Goat and Sheep Mixed skins

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Premium Fashion Goat and Sheep Mixed Colors  skins for leather goods, shoes, garment, book binding, lining, best quality. The price refers to 1 skin, average size 0,5 m² - 5,5 sq. ft. - 0,6 yd².

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9,99 €

9,99 € per 1 pcs

  • 0,5 m² - 5,5 sq. ft. - 0,6 yd²
  • Plain Aniline Sheep
  • Plain Aniline Goat
  • Wrinkled Dry Milled Sheep
  • Wrinkled Dry Milled Goat
  • Laminated Goat and Sheep
  • Patent Goat and Sheep
  • Velour Suede Goat and Sheep

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Payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank wire
Payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, Bank wire

Data sheet

TanningChrome Tanning
Type of LeatherSheep and Goat
Leather PartFull Skin
Thickness RangeThin (0,4 ~ 1 mm)
Type of Finishing (Primary)Select one type of finishing
ColorMixed colors not selected. The article is sold without the possibility of choosing the color. You may express a preference in the order notes but there is no guarantee of receiving it.
Primary UseLeather Goods, Bags, Binding, Wallets. This leather is suitable for producing leather bags or purses, totes, luggage, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small leather goods in general.
Secondary UseGarment. It is characterized by high quality finishes and reduced thickness which ensure lightness and comfort, this item is suitable for creating gloves, jackets, blazers, coats and many other leather garment items.
Other UsesShoes and Footwear. This leather is suitable for shoes and footwear of all kinds, from decoltè to boots, elegant or sporty. The leather for shoes are resistant to bending and weathering.
Size RangeSmall (up to 0,8m² | 9ft² | 1yd²)
Minimum size of the skin0,3 m² - 4 sq. ft. - 0,4 yd²
Average dimension of a skin0,5 m² - 5,5 sq. ft. - 0,6 yd²
Overall quality of leatherExcellent - 1° First Grade selection

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Premium Fashion Goat and Sheep Mixed Colors skins for leather goods, shoes, garment, book binding, lining, best quality. The price refers to 1 skin, average size 0,5 m² - 5,5 sq. ft. - 0,6 yd².

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You can select different type of Finishing:

1. Plain Aniline Sheep Skin

2. Plain Aniline Goat Skin

3. Wrinkled Dry Milled Sheep Skin

4. Wrinkled Dry Milled Goat Skin

4. Laminated Goat and Sheep Skin

5. Patent Goat and Sheep Skin

6. Velour Suede Goat and Sheep Skin

This leather is ideal for your tests and to produce luxury items at cheap price!

All leather is 100% Italian best quality


Goat and Sheep Leather Hides

Goat and Sheep Leather

The sheep and goat skins are hides that lend themselves perfectly to many different uses, with these skins you can in fact make shoes, handbags, wallets, earrings, covers, bindings for books, leather clothing, jackets and more. They are characterized by sizes which may vary from 0.3 square meters to 0.8 square meters. In this article you will find skins which have an average size of 0.6 square meters, as indicated in the data sheet. The sheep skins are usually soft and easily lend themselves to processing by hand or with a sewing machine, given their consistency and thickness that does not exceed the millimeter. These skins are usually produced with a chrome tanning, thus being very soft and suitable for both leather goods to clothing.

In this product you will be able to buy goatskin and sheepskin choosing the finishing that most suits your needs, ranging from classical aniline, where the skin retains its natural look, the paint, the wrinkled finishing (drymilled), laminates and finally the suede. The sheepskins are finer and softer while the goat skin is solid and durable, it all depends on what you have in mind to achieve. In this article you can not choose the colors because they are individual hides, different from each other, suitable for making objects that require the use of a skin alone or the combined use of more skins of different colors. All the leather comes from the best Italian fashion factories and tanneries, this means that the leather has a very high quality.

Possible Uses

  • Bags and Leather Goods
goat and sheep leather
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
goat skin
  • Garment
Garment sheep

  • 7 reviews
  • Product Reviews
    • Number of Reviews : 7
    • Average Grade : 4.7 /5
    • Alexandra P.
    •  the 07/11/2017
    • 4/5
    ok very nice
    • Douglas D.
    •  the 06/10/2017
    • 5/5
    Beautiful leather exactly what I expected from Italian leather
    • A A.
    •  the 05/10/2017
    • 5/5
    great .
    • Bahar Z.
    •  the 05/10/2017
    • 5/5
    • Alison B.
    •  the 09/07/2017
    • 4/5
    lovely quality, wasn't expecting the colours i received but will still be useful
    • Tracy S.
    •  the 06/06/2017
    • 5/5
    Great suede, best price.
    • .
    •  the 23/10/2015
    • 5/5
    this leather is great! Thanks

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