Leather Remnants: How To Use Them

Published : 08/12/2016 14:46:08
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Leather Remnants & Scraps

Authentic leather, tanned and refined by Italian factories, is an extremely valuable material. However, many factories produce a large amount of leather remnants, scraps, leather oddments and remainders, obtained from different animals, with different colors, textures and sizes. To dump all these wastes would be a shame, because the leather leftovers can be useful for many people; finding different recycling options will make you save money in comparison to buying whole pieces of skin, not to mention the variety of choice that is virtually endless.

Leather remnants

Where to find the leather remnants?

On the leather market you can find wastes and dumps left by the best Italian fashion and furniture factories and you can buy only the amount of skin that you need in order to avoid any waste. Buyleatheronline has a dedicated section on wastes and leather scraps, with items suitable for different needs. The clippings are available in various colors and sizes, depending on the item for which they were originally intended. Thus, the possibilities of leather re-usage are numberless: leather scraps will be perfect to make useful items giving freedom to one’s imagination and creativity.

Advice on how to use them

Here is some advice on how to use leather remnants. These materials can become the basic element for the realization of cute keychain, and for this purpose very small amounts of the skin are enough. To craft a nice keychain you can even adapt goat leather scraps of various colours, or the shearling sheepskin coat to make a cute furry object. Snake and crocodile leathers can give life to refined bijoux, perhaps covering a wide band cuff and applying a golden pendant. Laminated or printed leather is suitable for jewellery and lined caskets of various types.

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