Where To Find Leather Scraps Pieces For Sale?

Published : 01/25/2017 14:16:24
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With the term "scraps" often people get confused, undervaluing a product that in reality, often provides good unexpected surprises to the buyer. In fact, what are called "scraps" include also cut outs, that are just processing leftovers. Leather scraps and cut outs are classified on the basis of their size and quality. Where can we find scrap leather pieces? The first place where we should go looking for them are the tanneries: during processing quite often many skins got damaged and are not in optimal conditions to be sold to customers, however good cut outs are produced also during the trimming stage. Another good supply source consists of hides traders that often purchase large quantities that are later selected and trimmed creating so lots of scraps and cut outs.

Where To Find Leather Scraps Pieces For Sale?

Where can we locate scrap leather pieces?

Another place which is very good are shoes factories, which at first cut out the largest pieces for shoes and boots and, later on, cut the smallest pieces, leaving anyway good scrap leather pieces on the floor. However the best source are handbags and belts manufacturers, photo albums and luggage producers: the leather cuts they need in order to produce their products have to be large and linear, therefore they always leave out good quality leather scraps that are quite large.

Leather scraps are convenient if you buy online!

The easiest solution consists in contacting a good online shop,  which will allow you to select what you need with no need to abandon your home or workshop, with the guarantee of getting a quality product. Cut outs and scraps of leather are very advantageous for those that want to produce small leather goods, mats, intertwined goods or create patchworks. As a matter of fact, this kind of material allows the buyer to save up to 80% compared to the price of a whole skin and will completely satisfy his/her expectations about its quality.

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