Leather for Belt, Saddlery & Harness

Published : 11/20/2015 11:19:37
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Vegetable or Chrome Leather for Belt, Saddle and Harness

Buyleatheronline offers a wide choice of leather for the production of belts and saddlery. Many skins on the website are priced much more cheap than than those of production as they come from merchandise stock lot. More than sixty years of experience in leather business allow us to offer a constant support to those who intend to buy leather and a guarantee of the quality of the product that has the characteristics of the "made in Italy". You Can purchase the leather in stock for the production of belts and harness just browsing in the right category and add your products to your cart, enjoying the wide choice that our site provides. If you can not find the right product, you can contact us and going to set up the skin that matches your requirements. For those who are not sure about product orientation or about the quality of the leather, we give you the opportunity to receive samples.

Vegetable Leather for Belt

The skins for belts and harness are generally rigid, thick and have a square shape, so that they can be cut without waste. In this category you will find the skins suitable for harness, belts, saddle (motorcycling, horseback riding, etc ...), all of Italian origin.

BUY ONLINE vegetable leather for BELT

The Leather for Belt

The belts are always regarded as a particular product: a belt can cost as much or more of an entire shirt, but it seems to require very little work to be produced, being literally only a strip of leather with a metal buckle.

Unfortunately a lot of belts are made with the lower grade of leather and are much less expensive. Very common is the thought: "Beautiful this belt, it is real leather!" but often you are not able to recognize the quality of the skin that has been used.

The leather used on a product affects the quality of the latter and the final price. You will have heard of bonded leather, full or top grain leather, crust, split, suede etc .. all under the meaning of genuine leather. In truth, it is to point out that there is a well-defined hierarchy that allows us to identify the quality of the skin: the full-grain leather or top grain leather is the best quality and is the top and most valuable part of the skin; the lower part is called the split and is usually used to obtain a suede effect. All skins for sale on our site are full and top grain unless it is expressly stated in the article description.

leather for belts and harness

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